Lantern roof windows, or roof lanterns, are becoming increasingly popular, a practical and stylish way to bring light into your home, providing an estimated three times more sunlight than you might expect from vertical windows. Available in PVC or aluminium, roof lanterns are designed to have light frames to offer maximum light into the room.

Aluminium roof lanterns have the lightest frames and can be powder coated to offer different colour options.

We can fit your roof lantern with ActiveBlue glass which retains heat but reflects glare and overheating. This helps to keep your room temperature comfortable whatever the weather. This high-spec glazing is available in subtle blue, grey and bronze hues or in a clear style.

All of our roof lanterns have a very low U-value. If your building materials have a low U-value, it means heat passes through it slowly, making it a good insulator.

Roof lanterns are an efficient and elegant solution for adding natural light to your home. If you’re wondering if you could fit one in a room in your home, don’t hesitate to call us on 01432 264777 to discuss. We can visit you for a no-obligation quote and to assess feasibility.

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